Safety Day in our factory for Potassium Sulphate and p-Hydroxybenzoic acid

LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH is committed to ensure safe operations for the production of our Potassium Sulphate technical pure and p-Hydroxybenzoic acid. In line with this we featured on our annual Safety day 2017 a training including interactive parcours for the avoidance of stumble accidents further to a training for self-contained breathing apparatuses. Besides of that our LCPG employees were trained in matters of safety including the road traffic act of the chemical site Leuna, the siren order and explanation of all rescue and escape plans. Moreover our employees take part in a training for exhaust air treatment and safety at work.

We are continuing our efforts to comply with high European standards for safety of our operations and protection of our employees and environment.

Safety comes first!!