We, LCP GmbH, manufacture our products

p-Hydroxybenzoicacid (p-HBA) and technical pure Potassium Sulphate > 99,8% (K2SO4)

in accordance with demanding European and German standards and legal requirements regarding health, safety and the environment. One of our biggest priorities is the compliance with and further development of technical and technological demands of our chemical plant’s production facilities.

Production monitoring and control is mostly accomplished fully automated, using a process control system. We are a certified company in accordance with German and international industry Standards:

  • ISO DIN EN 9001
  • ISO DIN EN 14001
  • ISO DIN EN 50001

Our management handbook defines our company goals, our quality, environmental and energy policies, as well as our production and process procedures that are continuously being monitored. We have been able to successfully defend our certification for the past 15 years.

Download-Certificates: ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015 english
Download-Certificates: ISO 50001:2011 english

Our plant benefits from outstanding logistical connections. For example, we operate our own warehouse and offer various loading facilities, such as a rail connection, a mobile ramp for sea containers and truck loading, as well as a silo installation for loading potassium sulphate.


We are proud to say that the product qualities of our

p-Hydroxybenzoicacid (p-HBA) and our Potassium Sulphate >99,8% (K2SO4) 

rate amongst the best in the world.

In order to meet the high product quality requirements we have set ourselves, we continually and continuously monitor and analyze the quality of our raw materials and of our intermediate and end products, while complying with environmental guidelines and safety standards.

The operating procedures and test specifications issued by our very own laboratory define our quality standards, traceability, as well as test and process procedures. They are being complied with at all times.


For us, to be environmentally responsible means to respect people and nature. We strive to keep an economic and ecological balance in whatever we do. We only accept new solutions as future-oriented if they also reduce the use of raw materials, save resources and are environmentally compatible.

LCP GmbH reduces the impact on people and on the environment during the making, storage, transportation, distribution, use and disposal of our products.

LCP has developed a whole range of possibilities to operate more environmentally sound. Part of this is a physico-chemical wastewater treatment plant, which achieves a sustainable improvement of the ecological state of our rivers. Furthermore, we strive to move raw material deliveries from the roads to the rails and use reusable packaging. Our potassium sulphate silo installation even allows us to work without any packaging.

We are consistently looking for solutions to save raw materials, energy and water. A further step in continous improvement was the succesful introduction of our Energy Management System as per DIN EN ISO 50001 which increase our energy efficiency.


After the European REACH regulation came into effect in 2007, regulating chemicals and their safe use, we became the leading company in the business consortium for p-HBA ( para-Hydroxybenzoic acid ) due to our market position. We successfully registered our p-HBA on 10 September 2010.

Download certificate ECHA – p-HBA

The same applies to our Potassium Sulphate – we also registered successfully in December 2010.

Download certificate ECHA – K2SO4

We have also pre-registered our other products at the earliest possible time.

We monitor, verify and ensure that all of our raw materials suppliers comply with the appropriate steps and intermediate goals set by REACH.

For any question regarding REACH please feel free to contact  Ms Andrea Pausch-Köhler: a.pausch-koehler(at)lcp-carboxy.com, Tel: +49 (3461) 43 73 54.

Leunas Chemical Site

We are located within the historically significant chemical site of Leuna, Germany. This site has been in existence since 1916.

We are able to take advantage of the services offered on-site, such as local plant security, the officially certified plant fire department, telecommunication systems, power and steam supplies, as well as the centralized biological wastewater treatment plant. We obtain most of our base products and raw materials from companies that are located at the same chemical site.

Here on the premises, all the prerequisites are available to allow for short journey times during arrival and departure. And it doesn’t matter whether transportation takes place via ship, rails, motorway, or by aircraft. A modern road network of 25 km in length, 75 km of internal railway tracks, as well as 600 km of laid pipes between the companies located on-site all allow for short journeys and supply chain solutions across the entire chemical site.

This puts LCP Leuna Carboxylation Plant GmbH in a logistically excellent position to guarantee short lead times for our customers.